Those with autism deserve acceptance

One of my whole missions since I started my advocacy was to someday create worldwide acceptance for people with autism and all disabilities. We’ve made a lot of progress over the past several years, but there is still a lot of work to do. Matthew’s Autism Journey has touched the lives of millions of people since it began, spreading awareness and acceptance through Facebook and beyond.

I have even done speaking engagements at a mental health walk and in front of over a hundred people at an event celebrating differences. These are all noble causes, but it will take a lot more work still to create the acceptance that we all deserve. We are simply neurologically different, not any less than any other non-autistic person. We deserve to be treated properly and with respect. I will not ever stop fighting for our rights, and I hope that you will all join me in the fight for acceptance.

My goal is to build an army of people fighting for awareness and acceptance, because WE ARE STRONG IN NUMBERS! together we can do anything! I run this whole advocacy by myself, but plan on getting some moderators for the Facebook groups soon. However the vast majority of the work is done by me, and I am a student too, so I have a very busy life but I absolutely do my best. I am very excited for what the future holds for this advocacy and for all of us as autistic people.

All the best – Matthew

Published by mboux2000

Autistic, disability advocate and blogger! On a mission to make the world a much better place

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