Autism and bullying in schools

Bullying is an extremely common problem for people with autism. We are significantly more likely to be bullied than people in the general population. One of the most common places bullying occurs is in schools. I have read so many horror stories on Facebook of autistic kids being bullied at school. It truly is absolutely horrifying.

I think that schools absolutely need to take a much stronger stance on their non-bullying policies. Autistic kids deserve to be able to go to school and not be bullied. They deserve to feel safe, respected, and cared for. I was bullied in my younger school years and it really was difficult. I didn’t know what to do so it never really got better until I got into high school. That was when I finally made some friends. Although there was still some bullying, it wasn’t nearly as bad as in my younger school years.

Bullying needs to end now, and sometimes this bullying is not always from other kids, it can come from teachers and adults in the school too. There are a number of stories of extreme bullying from teachers and adults that work in the school, and even from other parents. It’s just awful and something that needs to change to help improve the safety of all autistic kids and kids with other different abilities.

The next post will discuss about autism and bullying in the workplace for teens and adults.

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One thought on “Autism and bullying in schools

  1. You are absolutely right, Matthew. My son has been bullied in school. He will graduate high school in May and I’m hoping it won’t continue in college.


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