Why the ” R’ Word is bad

The R word. One of the worst insults used throughout history to describe a person with a disability. The actual word is Retard. But we will describe it as the R word for the purposes of this article. It is an offensive slur used to denigrate a person with a disability. People like me used to be called this on a daily basis and even put in a mental institution. We’ve fortunately come a long way since then but there is still a significant amount of work to do. I still see this word thrown around on social media like crazy, it is just wrong and it needs to end. It implies that we are less valuable or less able than a ” normal ” person.

That is completely not true, a person with any condition/disability/different ability, however you want to put it, can be an amazing person and do amazing things. We just need to be given the chance to shine and show our true colors. When people degrade us by saying this word and many others, it not only hurts our feelings, but actually has an impact on our self image, and it is a form of bullying. It’s a problem that needs to be fixed as soon as possible. We need to combat the use of this atrocious word and create a world that accepts everybody for who they are.

Published by mboux2000

Autistic, disability advocate and blogger! On a mission to make the world a much better place

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