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Donation to help support my advocacy journey! I want to continue creating amazing content for you, and have some long-term plans in the works to create an book and potentially an app for people with autism and their families. These are all very expensive, so even a small donation would help me be able to give back to the community by releasing these advocacy projects over time! Your support means the world to me, thank you! You can select as many donations as you want in increments of $5


Access to private supporters Facebook group ( 1 month )

This purchase will gain you access to the private Matthew's Autism Journey supporters group on Facebook. This is different than the normal group. In the standard group I do not necessarily reply to everything, it is for people to ask each other questions. This new group will be for supporters only, and I guarantee a reply to all questions asked within 24 hours. I will also be providing supporter exclusive content in this group. The cost is as follows. $2.50 month to month, $7 for 3 months, $13 for 6 months, and $25 for a year. That is very reasonable and can change the way you view autism forever. At the moment I cannot accept automatically recurring payments, so you'll have to come back here and pay again when your term expires. Your support would absolutely mean the world to me, and I promise you wont regret it! If/when you wish to cancel, simply let me know, and don't come and pay for the next month. You'll still have access to the group until the end of the current month! Once you have paid, simply send a request to join the group on Facebook ( under the linked groups tab on my page ) and you'll be approved ASAP! The group is located at the following link


Facebook Groups Subscription ( 3 months )

This purchase gives you access to My Facebook fan supporters group for 3 months! The group is located at the following link


Facebook Groups Subscription ( 6 months )

This purchase will give you access to the Facebook fan supporters group for 6 months! The group is located at the following link


Facebook Groups Subscription ( 1 year )

This purchase will give you access to my Facebook fan group for an entire year ( BEST VALUE! ) The group is located at the following link


15 minute phone call with me on Facebook Messenger or Skype

This purchase will allow you to schedule a 15 minute personal phone call with me on Facebook Messenger or Skype. This is perfect if you want to ask me questions about autism, learn more about my advocacy mission, or introduce me to an autistic family member! DISCLAIMER: I am NOT a doctor and therefore cannot answer medical questions. However I can answer questions based on my experiences as an autistic person myself. Once you purchase this, send an email using the contact form and we will set up a time to do the call. You can also only purchase a maximum of 2 of these per month.


Basic Graphics Creation

I will create a customized graphic for your page or social media. These graphics will be made using the Photofy Premium photo editor on IOS, It must not be exceptionally complicated, but I should be able to do most graphics to your complete satisfaction. Once you have purchased, send your request through the contact form and I'll get back to you on the same day.


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